Language is a very powerful thing. You can say what you mean and get the message across, or you could dance your message across. The language of dance, is a different type of language. Not many people think dancing is a language but it truly is. In The Little Mermaid: The Broadway Musical, there is a song called “One Step Closer” that Prince Eric sings to Ariel when they are dancing after they have had dinner. In the song, Eric sings:

“Just let your emotions tell your body what to do

See how much a single gesture can reveal!

And ev’ry little step

Ev’ry single step

Is one step closer

To saying what you feel” 

I think this is a very important lyric in the song. It mentions how through dancing, you can reveal your emotions. For example, if someone were to be feeling angry, they might start stomping their feet to a rhythm. In the musical Annie, Annie and the rest of the orphans sing “It’s a Hard- Knock Life” and they stomp around because Miss. Hanigan, their caretaker, treats them horribly. 

If someone is in love, they might be light on their feet and start twirling around and have their arms be flowing in the air. Fiddler On the Roof, is an amazing example of this. In the show three sisters sing the song “Matchmaker” which is about the girls finding the perfect groom to be. 

If someone is sad, they might not dance at all, and I think that silence and standing or sitting still can say a lot as well. The person could have their head down, or just be staring off into space, with their knees tucked underneath their chin with their arms around their legs. An example of this, is shown in the musical The Phantom of the Opera. At the end The Phantom (Erik) sings to his monkey music box and has tears rolling down his face.

If someone is happy, then they might be jumping around, or skipping. Like in the new version of Little Women when Jo March and Laurie Laurence dance together on the porch. Their locking arms, skipping in a circle shows how happy they are to be in each other’s company. 

“Dancing is a language that is felt instead of heard. It says much more than language ever could”(Little Mermaid: The Broadway Musical). Dancing is conversation without talking. You can express what ever emotion you are feeling through dance. 

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