The way people communicate with each other holds great significance. Without communication, there would be no relationship or connections within society. Language gives people the ability to connect to others on a deeper level and it gives them an insight into what others need. Besides, it adds to a person’s identity. The identity of someone is constructed with thoughts and ideas that are implemented from a young age through their language or ways of communication. 

People use this form of communication every day, because of this it “harbors a power we’re rarely conscious of” (Crin). People do not realize how much of an impact it has on themselves. By being able to share ideas, thoughts, and feelings with others, it  brings a deeper level of unity. It builds up to who a person is and it contributes to what they believe in. The language also is a “carrier of history, traditions, customs, and folklore from one generation to another” ( Zalmay).  It contributes to culture and the beliefs of a group of people. In a culture, everyone from it is interconnected and they have this understanding that is difficult for outsiders to understand. All aspects of it take part in someone’s identity. They can take in what they have learned from their culture from stories, lessons, or traditions. Langue is “actually our identity” (Zalmay). It is evident to see without language or communication, there would be no transfer of ideas or customs from one person to another. Without any form of communication, how would they learn and be who they want to be? 

As the years go by, society can see and experience the true impact of language. Without it, society would be lost and no progression would be possible. It contributes to many topics that people are not aware of. It can add to the understanding of other cultures and traditions that lead to the impact of oneself. Language also adds to the identity of a person and what they believe in.  

Works Cited 

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November 14, 2020 1:17 am


I really liked this post! I specifically enjoyed the way you connected a person’s experience with communication and language at a young age to their values as an adult and how that pattern continues through generations. Incredibly, this process has also led to the development of different languages and new ways to communicate, which in turn communicates one’s ideals and identity. This reminded me how much I identify with people who share my beliefs and share my language which implies a sense of community fostered by language. Again, I really enjoyed contemplating your take on the power of language and I’m excited to hear more from you! Well Done!

November 13, 2020 4:56 am

I really enjoyed reading your blog post! I definitely agree with the idea that language is essentially our culture and identity in that without a way to communicate, all our traditions, customs, and the spread of ideas would not be possible. I also think that it is important to note the different languages of each culture are unique and offer a sense of belonging to those who speak the language of their culture. These ideas also help to further develop identity. I also like your idea that without language society would have no way to progress and we would not be nearly as advanced as we are today. Your blog post definitely helped me to further understand the power of language and its effect on culture and identity.

November 13, 2020 2:09 am


I really like how you started your post because I agree that communication is a big part of our lives and holds great significance. I also liked how each piece of evidence and every sentence flowed very well with each other. Your evidence is strong and you also included your works cited which is super helpful if I wanted to go and check your sources. You did a great job!

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