I have learned a lot from this pandemic. Like everyone, the daily routine I and everyone else has followed, waking up and going to school or work then after coming home, has changed. From not being able to go to school, to not seeing people, having to stay at home, not participating in sports, and to having to wear a mask everywhere I go. This pandemic has forced us to change the way we do things.

I used to believe that going to school was the only way to learn. That when you got sick or had a dentist appointment it gave you an excuse to not do your work because you were not in class. That because of this you could have an extension to do it in the next following days. I believed it would be hard to do school online but it functions just as well. While being in school forces you to actually take in information during every class rather than being home and deciding not to read something and learn the information yourself. There is more accountability being in school than out of school. Out of school you have to try harder to motivate yourself to do the work. Being at home instead of school gives you a lot more free time to do what you want. This also means you will not be able to see your friends

It has been hard for everyone not to see their friends. Not being able to hangout with anyone but your family has forced many families t come together to try and get along. It has allowed for more family activity together. It makes people realize how much being around other people is a necessity to us and how we feel terrible when we can’t be. This reminds us that we are at home instead of with friends.

Being at home feels like isolation. People who are introverted may like it and extraverts may hate it. Being stuck at home allows us to do work that we normally do not have time to do like yard work, moving around furniture, painting, and home renovations. It allows people time to experiment with cooking and doing things you can only do at home. It allows people to catch up on tv shows they are behind on or read a good book they haven’t had time for. Being stuck at home means that you are not outside participating in sports.

A lot of people feel frustrated that this pandemic has prevented them from doing the sports they enjoy like track, soccer, tennis, ultimate frisbee, and any other activities they like. Races and sport events have been canceled due to the amount of people who go to them. This has brought a lot of people down. Sports are a big thing in peoples lives and without it it is hard to know what to do with your time. Because people cannot go to the gym they have to figure out their own way to exercise.

People are encouraged to wear masks everywhere they go and in some places required to. Before this pandemic people couldn’t wear a bandana and a hoodie and walk into a store without drawing suspicion and possibly fear. Now with everyone wearing masks it seems normal.

Overall a lot of changed because of the pandemic. College especially. Lots of people are taking a gap year, most colleges might start out with online schooling, and life will be different. There might be a rise in sanitation and limiting how many people are around each other. The future will be different.

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