In my scratch animation, the protagonist, The Cheese Man, and the antagonist, The Bread Man, both compete in a county fair. The judge of that fair is the governor, who is a pig. The Cupcake Man also plays an important role in my animation because he is The Bread Man’s sidekick. In the first scene of my animation, the governor announces the competition to the Cheese Man and Cupcake Man. Then, in the next scene, the Bread Man and the Cupcake Man team up to steal the Cheese Man’s Cheese. That night, when they steal the cheese, the Cheese Man sees them and accuses them of stealing his cheese. In the last scene, the governor presents the prize to the Bread Man because the Cheese Man has no cheese until Cupcake Man confesses that they stole the Cheese Man’s cheese. The Cheese Man wins the fair and the Bread Man is banished from the town.

I came up with the plot of “The Battle for the County Fair” when the project was first introduced to me because I wanted something entertaining and unusual. When writing the script, I stuck with the same idea of having food and animals as actual characters who can speak. I came up with a conflict between the protagonist and the antagonists as well as two side characters; the governor and The Cupcake Man. After the script was made, I made three different storyboards for each act of the script. The first and third acts all were set in one background while the second act involved three different settings. When making the final animation, I used the storyboards I made to match what I envisioned in my scratch animation. For my character’s lines, I simply copy and pasted from the script while following the stage directions also written there. 



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