Did you know that 90% of drug addiction starts in the teenage years. This shows that many people who deal with or have dealt with drugs started using or trying to when they were is high school or younger.Based on my research drug addiction often starts in High School due to peer pressure and depression. In my Blog I will be stating why.


Paragraph #1 – PEER PRESSURE

Peer pressure is one problem facing teens that cause them to be involved with many drugs because many teens think that if they do drugs and be “high” all the time they are “cool” and people will like them even more. This is supported by the statistic that “Did you know that 55% of teen surveyed why they did drug said it was due to peer pressure ( Drug free world). This shows how over half of the people that they surveyed say that they were doing drugs at least forcefully or did them just to fit in or make new friends. Also that many teens that were peer pressured to do drugs might also be a encourager for other teens to try. They would try to influence them to do them as well since that’s how they started they want to turn more of the people around them like them so they might not feel lonely while doing them. This also shows how there is a revolving door when it comes to teens being peer pressure to doing drugs since they just keep doing it to each other. It’s like it keeps going and the more and more we let kids be without any help they won’t look for it. Peer pressure is something that plays a huge role in teen drug addiction and is something that many teens face even without Drug addiction.

Paragraph #2: Depression

Many teen who deal with depression often cope with the use of drugs. Some common drugs used to cope are:  Marijuana, Club Drugs, Crack/ Cocaine, Meth, and Prescription drugs (NIDA). To start, in an article that addressed the topic it is telling that depression have the same roots as drug abuse. The article states, “ Depression can arise from a blend of biological, genetic, psychological and environmental factors. Addiction has similar roots, so it’s unsurprising that the two frequently co-occur.” (Addiction Center). This shows that drug and depression are mostly common and can be occurring at the same time. Many teens who deal with depression often feel alone or abandoned and don’t know how to express their feeling with others or to tell someone what is going on. That can be a reason why they would cope with drugs because they would help them feel better and makes them feel a way that without them they don’t. Leading to them to fall deeper in the hole of not finding help and think that what “help’s” them is drugs. Depression is something that a lot of people don’t really like to talk about they like to keep it to there self since they is no real way to express yourself to someone.Moreover, depression is something that also develops with traumatic effects. When teens go thru trauma of car accident or loss of friend or family many tend to use drugs to get over or “Forget” the situation for a while. Even so that “One in six Teenagers have admitted to take prescription drugs to get “High” or change their mood” (Rehabs). This shows that teens may use the drugs they do to change their mood since they might be sad and are to afraid to tell people so they want to to “fake” their way with drugs. They also might feel a satisfaction when they take it since it take there mind off all the stress they might have. But this is clearly not the healthiest way to take thing off your mind they should try to take rehab and consuelo g because overtime it will be harder and harder to get off their drug addiction. Deppression is playing a serious role in drug addiction and we need to try different ways so teens can overcome depression and addiction at the same time


Paragraph 3:

Based on understand that peer pressure and depression cause teens to do drugs, it is important that we find care and benefits for them to stop abusing and get better with their mental health. The best type help that teens with drug addiction can take is being able to go to a local rehab and as well feel a love at school if they can’t find it anywhere else and try to have great relationships with the People among them and have trust as well with them.
Counterclaim– -Some may argue that some teens start before high school, and therefore, depression, and peer pressure aren’t the main reasons why they abuse drugs at an early age , but instead home and family problems may be the main cause . In an article/story that I analysed it was about a girl who’s addiction started when she was just 10 years old. Her name was Savannah and unfortunately it started with her parents offered  her the drugs to start her abuse in pills. In her story it says how her parents fought a lot and aswell used drugs. In the article/story it she says “I struggled with depression and my parents’ physical and verbal abuse, so then I started abusing myself with the drugs, cutting, bulimia” (Savannah).This shows how when her parents abused her verbally and physically she would switch on and think that drugs were the thing that protected her from all the bad stuff that happened. She kept  her addiction and tried even worse things but luckily when she was 15 years even though she was depressed she finally got help and went to rehab. Her abuse in her life made her who she is today and  *if you would like to read the whole story this is the link http://www.phoenixhouse.org/news-and-views/true-stories/true-story-savanna/.  In general she could have overcome her addiction without going to juvenile hall to get help if he school gave her school access to a rehab program and counselor. drugs photo

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February 7, 2017 10:57 pm

Hi Dallana,
Very nice article. I believe that drug use is a very important topic to be discussed, especially today since drugs are so much more common among the youth. I agree with you that two main reasons people use them are towards depression and because of peer pressure. Drugs can be very harmful to one’s life and people need to find other ways to help them instead of depending on drugs for that help.

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