1. Annie 5 months ago

    You made some great points in your writing. You mentioned things about the death penalty that I had never thought of. I liked how you added the fact that it was wasting money that could be saved without the death penalty and that you had evidence to back up that and other facts. I think that two large reasons against the death penalty are the fact that it doesn’t do any good. Crime rates do not go down because of this and if anything they go up. Also the fact of those wrongfully convicted and that some innocent people could be put to death. Great writing you did a great job of sharing points that aren’t often thought about.

  2. Zane 1 year ago

    Dear Nic, I am Flabbergasted at the thought of the death penalty being a bad thing for the people who deserve it. Your post is very thought creating tho, “My biggest argument for this is because there have been innocent people that have been convicted and put to death.” this piece is prolly the best argument towards someone like me who believes in the death penalty. My biggest counter-claim to this, and A LOT of other situations is put yourself into the families shoes of a victim. You want the person to experience the same pain, and being able to know they have a date with a firing squad is the best remedy to be able to sleep at night.

  3. Matthew 1 year ago

    You make good points on why the death penalty can be a bad thing. I agree when you say a person is not afraid of death if they can bring themselves to kill someone. Your analysis is thought provoking.

  4. Anthony 1 year ago

    Nic this is such a great topic to choose and one that is not talked a lot about. I agree with you that this should not be the punishment one receives for their misbehavior’s. I like the argument you make in that it is best to send someone to prison for the rest of their lives because that is more of a punishment than killing them. I am with you on this topic.

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