Khlood Theyfallah Algumaie is the name that has followed me through my lifetime. Although I have three names, one of them always puts a smile on my face which is “Algumaie” this name is very important to me because even my great, great grandpa carried it. Also because the name is a village name meaning everyone in the village carries it old small young it doesn’t matter who you are but as long as you are in the village, it is a must to carry the name.

The name Algumaie was carried by my very strong cousin who had died off a tumor that clogged her brain cells from functioning the right way. Anyways before she died, she mentioned something about the name and how it holds us together. Her name is Deafa Ali Algumaie she said that even if our elders got into an argument that we were always forced to reunite. In America my family is known to be the Dobashi family, but I don’t agree with that because that is not what defines my family and me we like to be known as the Gumaie family. I do believe that the name defines who we are because my family went through a lot to get to where we are today.

Algumaie is a name that makes me believe in myself because mostly everyone who carries the name Algumaie turns out to be successful in there lives. Not the normal Arab stereotype a corner store but something like doctors and a farmer or something like that.

The name makes us wanna do something to keep united so we have this thing that we all do every Saturday which is meet up at the mosque and pray then from there we go on hiking trips or a trip that would involve us all.  There is a saying that people in my home country say, but it’s in Arabic “men ya con methlek hom ya shofu al ailia ya robutok.”  That means that even though you people get into arguments and fights with each other, there is always something that ties us back together.

I have been named Ms Dobashi or Khloodie but the name i would like to stick to Ms Algumaie because it shows and defines who i am. I am a young but strong women who thrives thru lots of things to succeed in life. Also because I would not like to be the first to break the rule. I am to be sure that I will carry the name with pride and to be along the lines of my family.  

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February 26, 2018 1:05 am

What a great saying –> “That means that even though you people get into arguments and fights with each other, there is always something that ties us back together.” Thank you for sharing your name and the stories that go along with it. I am moved!

Jian Wen
February 21, 2018 6:18 pm

Dear Algumaie,

Your memoir really stood out to me, the way you explained what your name meant to you and how it affects your life, you goals, your passion. Being a doctor is going to be a hard path to tread on, after all you have years of college then years of medical school. I hope as you tread on this difficult path, you will remember your name, the reason you are pushing so far, is to stand out, be the counter narrative that you are. Thank you for sharing your story and continue being the strong young woman you are.

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