This is an animation that was made by me on Scratch.


  1. Story plot: Before I could move forward with my project at all, I had to think of what my story was going to be about. You decide this based on your personal tastes, and how you think others will like it. My story has a three act structure: introduction, rising action and resolution, and is based on a Rumiko Takahashi story.
  2. Scripts: Scripts are very important, whether you are making a full fledged movie or an animation. It helps as a reference to look back at, so that you don’t have to try to remember the whole thing. Scripts also provide stage directions, not only dialogue. This helps your story to be as action-packed as it should be, depending on your story. A good script also has scenes, so that you know when to switch a backdrop when animating.
  3. Storyboard: This is basically making a comic based on your script. It zooms in on the details your script provided. It gives you a sense of what the backdrops will be and what the characters will look like. You can look back at your storyboard as you animate, just as you can do with your script. Since mine was created online, these are not your final backdrops and characters.
  4. Designing characters and backdrops: This is important for consistency. Throughout your animation, you have to stick to your characters and backdrops so that they don’t change throughout the story. Characters and backdrops provide the mood of the story, like if you had a character that looks like she grew up in the country, surrounded by skyscrapers, you will have a mood of feeling lost.
  5. Animate. Animating is done (in Scratch) by dragging blocks that go together, to make movements and looks. We can use blocks like “move 10 steps” or “switch costume to costume__”. These blocks build the animation, and bring the story to life.
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November 13, 2016 6:51 pm

Dear Camilla

I am excited about your post,“The Monstress,” because it seems very interesting. Also, your design process is very descriptive. Finally, it looks like from your process that your animation will be amazing!

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