My Community Center

The Community Center in Sunset park is a place of peace. Society here is so kind. Just entering you see movement and see them smile. I respectfully pass by and always say Hello and have a nice day to the workers and everyone. Here they care about our people and their community and arrange events for us. We go there sometimes to get directions about any work in progress. On some occasions , they gave away food because of the pandemic, and on other days they would do it again or not . The things they do for us are unforgettable Christmas, the line that overflows with kids to get a gift or a bundle of people inside to get cold air in the summer if their air conditioner doesn’t work. 

A Life in the Stores 

Coming in you get welcomed and get the thing you need. They provide food and cleaning supplies.Hispanic music is playing nonstop. The doorbell rings. The food sizzles of the people ordering,and the crowd of people at the register. Just if they are in a rush they push just to get out of the door before people enter the store. The huge screen of the cameras from bottom to top in every little corner in this store. 

Looking everywhere to find what you need in a small place with a lot of people causing people to barely move in the aisle to get a drink. 

Life in the Housing Building 

The building holds 100 apartments. There are 14 floors. All of them are my neighbors and we keep on meeting new people and a huge community. The apartments are small but nice to live in. Just by entering the lobby you see the elevators and the cluster of mailboxes . Entering,we respect everyone in this building including our elders . When someone passes away . you get to see their pictures on the wall. when we see someone who gets off the last floor before we always go on, we let them go in first and we go on after them.

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