The Key to a Perfect Mindset in Athletics by Vanessa

February 13, 2017


The Key to a Perfect Mindset in Athletics

“ People used to go and see sports psychologist when they had a problem. Now the focus has shifted to performance,” he says (Halliwell).

The main concern in all sports today is “mental toughness,” meaning the ability to handle, handle any situation that is presented to you on the court, the field, the track, and so on. I have been doing some research on different ways to help an athlete cope with his/her surroundings as well as building a mentally tough mindset.

Halliwell, a sports psychologist, but know as a mental performance consultant has many different techniques that are proven to work. When he meets with an athlete he has them make up a list of words or mantras that the athlete will repeat to themselves before there competition as well as during the competition. A long with this list he makes them make another list called the “I know” list which reminds the athlete that they are prepared to do their job and that they are capable of winning.

Another man named James Loehr, a sports psychologist has a list of several skills that one can adapt in order to gain mental toughness. Tough Competitors, “seeing” themselves succeed, Learning to see stress as a challenge, using humor to break up tension, Learning to move on from previous mistakes, and lastly a “Just for today” attitude.

Both of these sports psychologist have valid points towards my topic and I hope that this sheds some light on the area that I am trying to focus on.

“Leave the athlete with a clear mind and a clear path” (Halliwell).


Wayne Halliwell

James Loehr