Try to name one thing that girls can like and won’t get made fun of for it. Harder than you think right? Teenage girls aren’t allowed to have any sort of interest in anything without being ridiculed for it or turned into a stereotype for the world to make fun of (lianx037). If a girl uses hydro flasks and scrunchies, she’s a “VSCO girl,” but if she likes oversized hoodies and beanies she’s a “bruh girl.” If she wears makeup and dresses up she’s trying too hard, but if she doesn’t she’s lazy and ugly. It seems as if no matter what girls do, their interests will be considered ridiculous.

    This is not unique to just teenage girls either. Women aren’t taken seriously, no matter their age. They are overlooked and undermined in work, the media, their personal interests, etc (Grindell). There has been research done that shows that women work harder than men at their jobs, but are not noticed for their efforts (Muller-Heyndyk). Women are also paid significantly less than men. This just shows that the ridicule that teenage girls receive is also received by adult women. Women are very rarely recognized for their hard work and are viewed as objects who can be easily taken advantage of.

    I think that this stems from the ever present idea that women exist for men – that everything they do is for men or to get a man’s attention. This leads to people believing that women aren’t genuine in their interests. The world believes and has believed for many years that women pretend to like things to get a man to like them, which makes it easy to make fun of a girl’s interests even if this is not necessarily the case. The world does not realize that this can negatively affect teen girls, especially because they are still developing. Instead of bashing a girl for her interests, we should be encouraging her to express herself in whatever way she wants.

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  1. Maria 2 weeks ago

    Hi Megan,
    I like how you addressed the issue of girls being ridiculed for their interests no matter what it is. I think you are right in focusing on how it affects mainly teenage girls. However I think you could even farther to say that it begins at a much earlier age. Maybe you could explore the impact that activities or sports that girls are involved in during elementary school has on their interests in their teenage years.

  2. Elizabeth 2 weeks ago

    This is a really great article! It’s super intriguing and challenges a new way too look at young girls and the challenges they face with finding interests. I agree with what you said about how girls often find themselves getting ridiculed or made fun of for their intrests. Having brothers I definitely notice that my parents and other family take more of an interest in what they’re doing, and are willing to invest more time and money into their activities. Your post clearly describes this situation and makes it interesting.

  3. Grace 2 weeks ago

    Hi, I agree with what you said in your post. I also agree that women are constantly criticized and attacked for what they wear and what we do. Women have always ridiculed by others about what they are supposed to be doing. Your blog post describes the situation and problem very clearly and well.

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