In the article, “PMS news” (Semple 2023) I learned that from 1990 50 2006 the number of crossings was 1.6 million in 2000 but over the year it went up to half a million encounters a year, except for 2019 when they climbed to 859,501. this situation that going on right now is hard because the government does know what to do. then relying heavily on consequences for those who don’t follow the rules.  so like they had to they have beefed up deportations and expulsions. when migrants cross all of the people ask where are they staying. they are staying in a house that the border court gives them and they have food and clothes and whatever they need. the impact that migrants are doing to the border is that the numbers are relatively small compared to the overall migrant flow as counted 113,000 newly arrived migrants compared to the 8,200.

I think what is happening right now about the migrants crossing into the U.S. must be horrible to feel sad because they want a better life but at the same time they are making the US looking bad.  It’s hard to imagine having across the border with no food or water but there are some people who get lucky that they go over and get a better life but those who didn’t pass over need to go back home. but tho who still and wait to go back when they came form but they are in a house, they are giving them food, new clothes and there are good and bad.

As I continue to learn about migrants crossing the US border, I want to know more about why are they doing this if they know they are not going to make it why they do it. another question I have is what is the government going to do.

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