The Inescapable Effects Of Discovery by Lauryn

April 28, 2017


The Inescapable Effects Of Discovery

Discovery has been a very influential part of my life. Discovery is the process in which you are able to see something new or obtain knowledge for the first time and can influence every part of your life. For example, the ability to see foreign places, learn about your path in life, and to discover yourself in the form of discovery. I believe that discovery is the new invention of our time because many things that people find out are made by making mistakes from trying to discover something else. Discovery can influence the future of the world and can bring on an enormous amount of new ideas which can bring out new ways of thinking.

Discovering foreign places is one of my favorite aspects of discovery because I love to travel. Traveling allows people to discover new things without having the intent to figure anything out. Being able to discover new places is truly an amazing opportunity. Something that I think is great about living in America is that we have open access to transportation to travel the world. I am happy to be fortunate enough to have traveled all over the country and the world.

  Discovering your path in life can take lots of time but in the long run, it should be rewarding. Making progress in life is when you take a little step towards your end goal. Being passionate is extremely important in order to reach your final goals and aspirations. Knowing your path can guide you to make the right decisions, follow your dreams, and live a life you will never regret. In life, I have always had the dream to own a chain of daycares and throughout my life, I have tried to do things in order to achieve my future goal. Living a life surrounded by kids has influenced me to discover my love for children and has enabled me to choose the path of becoming an entrepreneur in educating children.

In the world, we are too busy worrying about fitting into the stereotypes and don’t take the time to appreciate what were naturally born with. Becoming a phenomenal woman may be a goal of mine but, I will never let it hinder me from being the unique individual I am and growing into. I definitely believe that with discovery I can find my inner self and be the young women that I am destined to be. I am a young beautiful, black women who realizes who she is and who she wants to become and is ready to face the world.

Discovery is something that will never die and I think that if everyone makes the move to see what discovery is in their life; the world will be a better place. Exploring the world, finding what you are truly destined to be, and learning about who you are is the key to having a life of success and happiness. What would life be like without discovery and how would it impact the world and the future of all living things?

Photo by tenthousandcubans