As a student my life has been formed through the use of literary arts. This includes reading poetry, short-stories, novels, or even taking on the role of an author. I have found literature to be integral to self expression and learning.

Every person reacts differently to literature. Some people are drawn to different mediums and quite a few people take no interest in it. I hold firm in the belief that literature is integral for the growth of a student. This isn’t just educational growth, but a growth in the person themselves. The power of literature is that it is created as an output for the thoughts of a person. It enables us to share information about anything in a way that can’t be expressed through speech. By writing we find a way to speak about our feelings, ideas, experiences, and whatever else may come to our minds. In the same way we can read the thoughts of others. This creates an amazing example of communication that spreads through thousands of years and countless people. 

Students can often be lukewarm to the idea of reading. Sometimes it can feel like a chore and it seems we often search for a way to pick a book apart to discredit it. However, students find ways to connect to literary mediums. A common problem is connecting with older books. They address issues that seem disconnected to the present. One of the best things we can do is read the works of our peers. I can nearly guarantee that older works begin to have more relevance after this. Once you can take something out of a book or any other writing you can start to grow. People write for a reason even if they don’t even realize it. If someone writes it’s to share something important and being able to understand that allows us to learn.

I have gone through the same journey as my peers. Through this I have learned the importance of literary arts as a way to grow as a person through listening to the thoughts of others. No one holds all the knowledge and we must rely on each other to go forward into the future.

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