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The Importance of Creativity


Since I’ve been a young child, I’ve always had a way to express myself. From fingerpainting to holding crayons in my fist and scribbling to having a stable and controlled method of drawing. There’s always been some way for me to let out creative energy and that has let me become the person I am today.

Go you remember how when you were little you had no care and so little worry about the things you drew? How scribbling a tiny shaky red house made you feel so pleased with yourself? Well, I’m admittedly jealous of that young me, she was so free and such a big fan of herself and she had such a strong ability to find new ways of expression. From coloring books to finger paints to playing with legos, she was expressing herself in unique and creative ways from a young age.

I finally realized the importance of having a creative outlet when I had just started crew. I remember that day when it finally dawned on me. I was having a rough day, I struggled on a test and I got back a bad math grade, I was stressed and upset and when I got to stage crew all there was to do was paint. When I was told that I was initially upset because I saw painting as the job that was usually passed off to the people that were inexperienced and didn’t know what to do. After I was finally given a brush and I was told to start painting, I felt a lot of my stress melt away from the happy atmosphere and the creativity I felt in the moment.

Up till then I had always thought being creative was important and that it can be really helpful to express yourself in that way, but I hadn’t realized how much of an effect there could be from doing something as simple as painting. Since then, I have made sure to take any time I possibly had on my hands to do something creative to reassure myself. I’ve noticed myself getting slightly more stressed recently and I’m sure I can partially attribute that to the lack of time I’ve set aside for myself to paint and draw and such as well as outside stress factors like school and the future weighing on me. Knowing all of that, in the weeks to come I’m planning on rescheduling how I dedicate myself and go back to having a regular destressor.

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November 28, 2018 5:57 pm

I love your story and the topic. Art is such an important form of expression and i relate to this on many levels. Art is beautiful and it helps release emotions that you cant express verbally.

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