My freshmen year of high school I had an exchange student named Jacob from Spain. Throughout the time he was here, we grew incredibly close. From making video stars to stealing each other’s food, he became a brother to me. Unfortunately, the time came when Jacob had to return to Spain. However, thanks to technology we did not have to lose the wonderful relationship we had built. Knowing we would still remain best friends made it much easier to say goodbye. Three years later, we still text and Skype all the time. Jacob may be halfway around the world, but through the power of technology, nothing can break us apart. My relationship isn’t the only thing that has profited from technology. Technology has benefited many people in various ways, from day to day events to having long term effects.

Communicating through technology has several advantages. Mark Mckinnon, a political advisor, once stated, “Technology and social media have brought power back to the people.” Mckinnon is right, voicing our ideas has become much easier because of the efficient way to spread information. Someone can post a picture and within seconds it may have thousands of likes and comments. There are various social platforms allowing anyone’s ideas to be voiced. Everyone’s opinions being heard gives power back to the general population instead of just a few important people. Technology has allowed us to express our ideas and make sure they are considered in important decisions.

Receiving information has also become much simpler. Anything we want to know can easily be accessed. From who won the football game last night to good restaurants in the area, any question can be solved within a matter of seconds. No longer do drivers have to be distracted by large, confusing maps, but instead they are told the directions by Siri. This creates fewer distractions on the road and lessens the possibility of the driver becoming lost. The quick and easy access to information allows us to work faster and more efficiently.

Technology has transformed classrooms and the way we teach. Growing up as a millennial I have been able to see the impact technology is having in schools. Slowly, a majority of assignments have switched over to online sources. Backpacks are becoming lighter due to fewer papers and textbooks available online. Youtube videos and sites like Khan Academy help students with subjects in which they are struggling. Not all students work well with all types of  teaching styles, therefore some need individual instruction. However, that is not always available, so being able to see the lesson taught another way is extremely helpful. In Auburn, Maine a study was done on 266 kindergarteners to see how technology affects learning. The results displayed that the kindergarteners who practiced on the iPads received higher scores on every literary assessment. The teachers noticed the children were more engaged and excited when using the iPad, which may have had an impact on their success (Schramm).

School assignments that have been completely altered due to the advancements in technology are research papers. Instead of trying to search through books, all we have to do is type a few keywords into any search engine. Some people believe it is too effortless for our children and they should have to work harder, however this isn’t true. Students aren’t working less they just aren’t wasting as much time researching. Instead of spending a majority of time researching, students are spending more time editing their work.

Technology has also played a large role in the improvements in medicine and science. Not only are we able to accomplish tasks we only ever dreamed of, but we also reduced the cost of certain tasks. In 2002 a human genome sequence cost one hundred million dollars to complete. Now, it is only 1,000 dollars and it is predicted that in 2020 it will be around five dollars (Bremmer para 3). New discoveries have allowed for the reduction of prices of certain goods and services. This provides families with the ability to afford expensive life-saving surgeries or medicines. We also are finding new procedures and medicines that are saving lives and curing harmful diseases.

Many people think technology is too much of a distraction and that our society would be better off without it. One of the main reasons people believe this is due to the issue of texting while driving. Every day eleven teenagers die due to texting and driving incidents (“Texting and). Although the use of technology can negatively impact lives, it is always the user’s fault. Drivers choose to use their phone while driving when they do not have to. We simply need to teach our youth when is the appropriate time of use instead of blaming technology.

Overall, technology is more beneficial than harmful to our society. As a population we have advanced in ways we never expected. Saving lives, improving our education, and increasing our capabilities are a few of the wonderful aspects of technology. We are striving for success by using technology to challenge ourselves and the people around us. As technology prospers so does our potential to be smarter, stronger and faster.


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Milagros Landry
Milagros Landry
December 11, 2022 6:44 am
Mikaela Norman
Mikaela Norman
December 11, 2022 2:29 am

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Davin Burton
Davin Burton
July 9, 2022 11:42 am

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November 14, 2017 12:46 am

Dear Sage,
I enjoyed the opening paragraph where you talked about how technology has helped you stay connected with someone you otherwise would’ve lost touch with completely. I read many articles on how technology has cut down the time needed on researching for most people and allows them to in the article it talks about how technology greatly reduces time on research and increases time spent on anything else that is important. Reading your article i started to think about how even though technology helps us; it also has put society as a whole on a crutch. It seems as though we have become soly reliant on our trchnologies for everything which can be a bad thing, this was just a thought. Great read!

November 13, 2017 5:14 pm

This is very interesting commentary, Sage. A lot of people, especially of the older generation, are of the opinion that technology has decreased our face to face contact and as a result of this we have lost many skills that we developed over years and years of evolution ( While technology in certain situations makes us less social, I agree with you in that on the whole it keeps us connected, and allows us to see people daily that live all the way across the world. There are some cons to the daily use of technology, but I feel that there are far more pros to talk about.

November 13, 2017 4:32 pm

Dear Sage,
To start off, I liked how you told us your claim and the added a counter point in order to keep your readers interested. The whole time I was reading the article I was looking for ways you might say that technology was a negatively impacting our society and I’m glad that you proved that we benefit more from it. I agree that we have advanced our learning experiences by using iPad/ laptops and phones in class in order to access the inter-web.

November 13, 2017 4:30 pm

I really enjoyed reading this article. I loved how you started off with your exchange students, and told us about how you are using technology in a positive manner to benefit your life. I also made friends with an exchange students from Germany at my school, and we are still able to talk using technology. I do agree that because of technology it has benefited our lives, and made things more doable for us. I liked how you brought up multiple topics, and addressed them in a way that made your argument for persuasive. I wish you would have added in some more negative effects, because I do agree with you there are more positive thanks negatives with technology, that you need to bring up some more negatives. For example the cost of it now days, just like the iPhone X, it cost $1000 and its just a phone. But I really loved how you put this piece together, and I hope to read more from you one day!


November 12, 2017 10:28 pm

I love how you started off with an anecdote, it made your essay more personal. The way you addressed a diverse range of topics helped develop your argument and made it more persuasive. Also, I like you addressed your counter argument and offered a solution, it made the negatives seem less relevant.

November 9, 2017 5:01 pm

Dear Sage,
I really enjoyed reading this piece! Recently in our expository writing class, we have been talking a lot about technology and the effects that it has on us. It was interesting to hear your perspective on technology and I love how you used a personal story to show how technology can help us. I agree with you on the fact that technology has helped to connect people around the world and has even made school easier. This was a great read and I loved hearing how you pointed out both positive and possible negative effects of technology.

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