Author: Erick

The History Of Life Academy

Did you know that OUSD only made small schools in neighbourhoods that they found poor? After they made 40 small schools in poor neighbourhoods they found out that making small schools didn’t improve test scores (Murphy). Life Academy became a small school in 2001 because the district thought that making many small schools was going to increase test scores but unfortunately the whole making a lot of small schools plan didn’t work because they found out that the test scores, and dropout rates didn’t improve and that’s why they made Life Academy into its own school in 2008.

Life Academy became a school in 2001 because of something called the small schools movement. The small schools movement was a movement that happened through 1999 – 2007. The district only closed down the middle and high schools that were on poor neighbourhoods. Then they will build small schools to replace the school that they closed down. The district signed off on the small schools movement because they thought that with smaller schools there will be better test scores ,and decrease the amount of dropout rates change. To prove that point in an article written in 2009 called Oaklands small schools movement, 10 years later by Katy Murphy, Murphy wrote, “But many of its problems — low test scores, high dropout rates, staff turnover — remain.”(Murphy). Now, for that reason the district signed was to bring up test scores but it really didn’t help. 

Secondly, in an interview with Venus Mesui a worker in Life Academy since it was invented told me that the school was part of many small schools in 2001 and in 2008 it moved to its current location because the test scores were not looking good.Venus also talked about how when Life Academy was established there were many schools that were made with it. The real reason why those small schools were being made is because of the small schools movement, the small schools movement was a movement that the district signed off on 1999 which said take out schools in poor neighbourhoods and replace them with many small schools in that location because the district thought that this movement was gonna help test score and decrease dropout rates, it ended in 2007 and that’s how Life Academy was made into its own school, because they saw that it didn’t help with anything (Murphy). Mesui also told me that the other schools that were at Fremont at the time closed down which shows that since the test scores didn’t work the district didn’t want the small schools anymore, which also shows that making small schools was a bad idea.

Some Oaklanders might agree with that it really didn’t improve everything the district wanted to improve. This move also destroyed people’s relationships with friends and teachers. Losing a relationship with a friend sucks because you have been talking to them and learned so much about them. But also some Oaklanders agree because if life was in fremont still the whole environment would have been dangerous because fremont has a lot of fights and that would be awful because people would get hurt. If the person reading this isn’t from Oakland Life Academy is a middle/ High school and Fremont is a High School, the larger school, is considered a very dangerous place because they are always fights over there. The reader might also be thinking isn’t all of Oakland dangerous? The answer to Oaklanders is no it is not, it’s a beautiful city and isn’t always dangerous and not to trash Fremont or anything but that is one of the most dangerous places in Oakland, and it’s a high school, hopefully one can see that if Life Academy was in that location, Fremont would have been bigger and there would have been more fights so it was a idea that they moved Life Academy to the Calvin Simmons location.

In conclusion, Life Academy became a small school because the district thought that making small schools was going to help test scores and reduce dropout rates. If Life Academy was still at Fremont the whole Life Academy community would have been a disaster.  So know in 2020 there’s a budget crisis in Oakland, should OUSD keep small schools open?

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