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October 26, 2020 7:00 pm

Dear Drew,
I am fascinated by your post about the Harlem Renaissance because of the way you portrayed the city of Harlem and the beautiful cultural era that characterizes it. The image complements the vivid and mesmerizing imagery in your account, and the strength and artfulness of your language gives light to the power behind the people of the Renaissance.
Something that stands out to me in particular is your takeaway: For perhaps the first time in American history, African Americans were able to see themselves as inheritors of an ancient culture that was rich and more varied than many could have imagined. I think this sentence is absolutely essential to the passage and could not be omitted without taking away from the purpose—yours as an author as well as the heroes of the Renaissance. But more than that, it rightfully enforces the time as a recognition of culture that was long there already, one that was currently in a roar of creativity and illumination renewed and that would call for further acknowledgement in the years ahead.
Your post reminds me of the fascination I’ve developed over the years with the city of New Orleans. From art, books, articles, shows, and the like, the history of New Orleans and the cultural bones of its structure seem like a hub of creativity and stories both told and untold. It gives me the sense of a place of immeasurable timelessness, one that has retained every memory and sound and being that has passed through. Past the mayhem of Bourbon Street and the inner city, moreover, the people to be influenced by there seem endless in supply.
Thank you for your project, and I look forward to reading what you write next because I love the animation and meaning your language holds. Especially if you write something in follow up or in comparable fashion to this post, I’ll anticipate seeing it. I appreciate your reach into the culture-oriented history of a city I haven’t learned enough about.

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