The Good and The Bad by Kelly

November 28, 2018


The Good and The Bad

This poem talks about the topic of love and how it’s like to be in love. The poem connects love to Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. Love is amazing but can have obstacles which is what my poem describes. Im looking forward to your feedback and comments.


The Good and The Bad

By:Kelly Iraheta

Love is a rose

Beautiful and bright

The thorns can’t stop you from loving love

Their love bloomed like the flowers in the spring

Couldn’t contain all the happiness it brings

“Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo”

Hate become love, so they bought wedding rings

“She wears wings that shine with golden light”

His heart danced whenever he saw her

Her looks so heavenly

So in love it cause a blur

Love has power and it holds a master key

Unlocks hurt

Unlocks fear

Unlocks sadness

Unlocks tears

Tears of sadness

Higher class and lower class

Two separate worlds in the course of love

No time

No time

No time to stop the tragedies from happening

Love so powerful

It was eye opening

Love grew into a tragedy

But the ultimate tragedy was their agony.