Hello my name is Jessica am from Unity high school i am in 10th grade and I believe that  in the future robots will exist. In my opinion robots will help humans and also they will make our life easier. Robots will do the hard work that humans do with means that humans might live longer and get injured less. Imagine having a life that dangerous jobs that we have to do we wont have to do them no more. In a movie name I,Robot starting Will Smith this movie was based on a future where robots already existed in a scene shown in the movie it showed how a woman has having a asthma attack and forgot her inheiler but lucky the robot ran to get it. If a human would have done it maybe they wouldn’t have gotten their in time .We know for a fact robots will or are stronger and faster than human.Robots can also potentially save humans life.In some scenes of the movie showed how the robots were programed keep human save so thehuman cant get hurt in the robot sense danger the robot will protect them. In a article named Autonomous Weapons Would Take Warfare To A New Domain by Ari Shapiro, Interviewer this  article was a interview that the were talking to somebody who serve in the U.S military they asked him what the thought about the robots and how would they act in war. The person they interviewed he talked about a story he had about when they were in wars in Afghanistan there as a border , the Pakistan border and they saw a girl that came and watched them were they were she went and spied on the team he was in, later on after the girl left the Taliban fighters came but the lucky took care of them. The girl was in their side and the taliban fighters found them because of the little girl the soldiers did not kill her because it was not a moral thing to do but what she did it was wrong because she wasn’t on their side they could have gotten killed but luckily the fought back.The soldiers felt bad killing the girl but if a robot would have been there instead than the men the robot would have killed her even it doesn’t sound right because she is a little girl the robot would not have those feeling that stopped the men from killing her or doing anything to them. The robot would have done the right thing and killed her so they don’t get caught where they were and protect  the people. If the robots or the human would have killed the girl it wouldn’t be a wrong thing because they were in war and in war there is no age for the combatants is all based on how they take actions for what they see. Humans would not only help humans but they are also going to help in the Military and protect them an do the all the actions that humans need to do but retrain from them because thinking is not right the robot will know and not have feeling interfere.

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