The Future of Sino-Taiwanese Cross-Strait Relations by Sam

September 15, 2021


The Future of Sino-Taiwanese Cross-Strait Relations

I’ve always tried my best to stay up to date with what’s going on around the world. And the current event that seems to be coming up more and more frequently is the Sino-Taiwanese cross-strait relationship, something that’s been going on since 1949.  

I find this relationship interesting because it is not some local issue on the other side of the globe, but rather an issue that involves the most powerful nations in the world, including the United States, China, and Japan. With recent events in Afghanistan calling attention to America’s foreign policy, a potential conflict may soon become the next biggest foreign problem America will be involved in. Bellow is a summary of the Wall Street Journal article: ( )

As tensions between China and Taiwan worsen and worsen, the nation of Japan has taken steps to best prepare for a potential conflict in the next couple of years. Chinese officials have continued to express their desire to unify the two nations, be it peacefully or forcefully, while the Taiwanese have adamantly voiced their desire to remain independent. As it is a democratic nation with a very important role in the global technology market, America has supported Taiwan, economically and militarily (through weapons sales) though never officially recognizing the country as a sovereign nation. Due to its post-war constitution, Japan is granted only a very limited military force only for self-defence, and with events like the crackdown on Hong Kong, have started talks with American officials to discuss contingencies in case a conflict breaks out.