The article “ discusses a franchise called Five nights at Freddy’s or FNAF for short. There is an entire game franchise along with the release of a movie now. The concept of it is there are four animatronics. A bear, Freddy, A bunny, Bonnie, a chicken, Chica, and a fox, Foxy that become malevolent during the night and try to jumpscare or kill you. It is a very fun idea especially to the millions of people supporting the fandom.

I know not everyone will be interested in a series like this but it is a franchise that I think many should know about. These games have been going on for 9 years now. Considering that they recently just got their own movie made, this will definitely attract more attention to it. I would love for that to happen because there is so much more that goes into it than just being some games. The creator scott cawthon made his games based on his own inspiration from his own childhood shows. So, if FNAF became global it could be their childhood influence that inspires them to develop a game or film a movie.
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November 28, 2023 5:51 pm

As someone who is a big fan of FNAF, not only am I genuinely excited to see someone else talking about this, but your stance on it as well! I know tons of people were absolutely ecstatic to see this movie be made after as you said, 9 years. While it’s certainly a niche, I genuinely hope and have enjoyed seeing that people from outside the franchise have started looking into it and getting to enjoy the same things we have been for years. 🙂

November 21, 2023 4:01 pm

I find this post interesting. FNAF is important when discussing internet culture. I find that the movie was a huge thing, especially for fans. However, I feel like the film failed to appeal to general audiences. But it did have a big impact, and the series will grow.

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