The United States is well established with the world’s largest national economy, but it doesn’t seem to look like a developed country. The US is part of the top five countries that spend the most on education and as a whole, we get failing results in students. Our educational system is failing, and it has a consequence of not just affecting the student but also affecting us all as a country and how we progress in the future.

In the article, The Wastage in Education, they have two conclusions of how half of trillion dollars the US spends is wasted in education. First, teaching has a hard time attracting good students and good teachers. There are a special talent and demand needed to run a successful classroom, and as stated in the article that “ some of the nations 3.1 million teachers belong ” Second, students looking for a teaching career, “ lack fundamental literacy skills” needed to teach and manage a classroom. One of the biggest lessons learned is that “money can’t buy educational success”. The problem isn’t that there’s too little money it’s that we have too much money. Colleges chase “bad” students, and their tuition to survive and as long as you have “ tuition and can walk and talk you can graduate from college,” says Harvard’s Murphy.



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  1. Lizette Martinez 1 year ago

    Dear Abraham,
    I agree with you, the school system is failing us not only in education but also in the well being the the students. The school system is a mess, it is based in an old system that doesn’t really work now a days. It is pretty hard to get a teacher that helps engage the students and help motivate them to learn. I like how you put in “Money can’t buy educational success.” it gives the the idea that no matter how much money you put into improving education it wont fix anything until you look at the education its self.

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