To put it simply, words are powerful. Language is the key tool for expression and communication between people. People’s everyday lives consist of speaking, reading, and writing, which are all extremely vital to our existence as human beings. “Studying how people use language – what words and phrases they unconsciously choose and combine” allows us to better understand ourselves and the reasons behind our behavior (University). Linguistic scholars believe that language is a “cultural, social and psychological phenomenon,” and they strive to figure out how language is acquired and the ways it changes and develops over time (University). Personally, I believe that language has changed dramatically in recent years due to the ways that social media and modern technology run the world. In other words, social media has had major effects on our language and the way people communicate with one another.

Most people in our world today consider the internet and social media a basic necessity. This would not have been the case only about a decade ago, revealing how big of an impact social media has made on the communication between people in such a small amount of time. This rise in the popularity of social media has allowed basically limitless possibilities for the communication of people all over the world. “The traditional ways of communication have now been replaced by modern ones,” due to the incredible speed that social media has provided us with right at our fingertips (“How…”). Clearly, there are many benefits to having the ability to communicate messages, ideas, news, and opinions to others within split seconds. Important notifications, information or instructions can be sent to people extremely easily. People can share or express their beliefs and values with others on social media and even form groups with others of similar interest for a purpose. Social media allows people to meet and talk to random people that they otherwise would not have. Communication through social media also gives people a sense of feeling closer to their friends and family even if they are far away from each other. 

Despite the benefits of communication through social media, there are also negative effects and downfalls. The quality of our language is constantly decreasing, and the chances of the occurrence of genuine human interaction are becoming more and more slim. “The soul of…communication seems to have [gotten] lost,” revealed through people’s widely shared laziness that keeps them from going out to enjoy other people’s company in person when they have easy access to their phones and social media (“How…”). The popular short and abbreviated messages like ttyl, ily, lol, kk, ty, brb, and gtg are “ruining the beauty” and power of language in our world (“How…”). In person communication and face to face conversation is the most important part of communication between people, but it seems to have lost its importance due to social media. This results in the lack of authenticity and the decline of moral values. Language is powerful, but it is only as powerful as you allow it to be.

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  1. Rory 2 weeks ago

    Katie, I really enjoyed how you discussed both the good and bad side of the argument in which you discussed. You advocated for each one very well from an unbiased view which really ties your post together.

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