March 16 of 2020,That day, the New York Exchange had experienced its largest economic disaster in recent decades. “It was the highest percentage decline since the infamous ‘Black Monday’ crash of 1987, with the Dow closing 12.9 percent down.” This was a quote from that day. Same day, President Trump and the White House Coronavirus Task Force issued new guidelines to help protect Americans during the global Coronavirus outbreak. This day in history, marked a true pandemic, had started to spread in the United States. 

The drop in the stock market was merely the start of this disaster. In the following months, there will be a massive amount of business closed, tons of people will be required to stay at home without their salaries, health workers across the nation will need to work from day to night in order to save people’s lives. According to a new report from consultancy McKinsey & Company, the US and Eurozone’s economies could take until 2023 to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis. But the government did not choose to sit back and watch all this happen during this disaster. On March 27th, President Trump signed the 2 trillion dollars stimulus packages the Congress passed earlier. According to an article written by npr, “There are seven main groups that would see the widest-reaching impacts: individuals, small businesses, big corporations, hospitals and public health, federal safety net, state and local governments, and education.”

After all of these terrifying statements, what will we do in this horrible pandemic? In other words, it’s our turn to answer a question that many of us once asked of our grandparents: What did you do during the war? My suggestion is to stay at home, wash your hands, and social distancing. That is all necessary steps you need to do during this pandemic, remember in this battle, be an ally to the people around you, not an enemy.

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April 4, 2020 2:56 am

Hello Hanson,
Your topic is pretty interesting. In this difficult time, some people doesn’t care about it, and some people just freak out. Thank you for sharing those information, and here is a source I thought you might be interesting at:

April 4, 2020 2:23 am

Hello Hanson,
I think your topic is really interesting. I also worried about the stock because it has a great decline due to pandemic. I hope everything will be better soon!
Here is a source you might like to read:

April 3, 2020 5:51 pm

Hello Hanson,
I am glad I got the chance to read your writing. We are living in a scary time and I don’t think we realize how much is going to be effected by this virus. Here is a source I thought you might want to look at:

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