The Differences Between Sisters by Housseynatu

December 3, 2019


The Differences Between Sisters

One upon a time, in the 90s, there lived a black family  in a small and unsafe neighborhood. The mother had two young daughters Maggie and her sister Dee. They used to play together all the time, their mother loved to see them that way. The house was pretty and organized, Maggie and her sister Dee used to clean the house every morning. They had a maid who used to help them clean and cook. Their mother was the most thrilled person in the world, to the fact that she thought she has the most two beautiful daughters ever and the two daughters that do not get envious of each other, in addition they always share their things to each other. Their mother always goes to buy new jewelry for them, however she buys different colors to test her daughters ‘ sisterhood. Maggie and Dee always prove their mother the way she wants to see them. The neighborhood that the family were living in was not a safe environment. Mama always dreamed to live in safer one where she sees her two daughters grow and be the most important people in the city. Unfortunately that could not happen because white people did not like to invite other people of color into their neighborhood because it was the time of slavery and racism was the happening everywhere.    

Their neighbor was not the best place for them because everyday they see how people in color being tortured and see their houses set on fire. All of their personal things get destroyed and they lose everything afterwards. One day Maggie’s family experiences the worse in their life since they live there. Some unkind people came to hurt a black family, because one member from the black family got into a fight. He was being discriminated by some white boys in school and fought back to honor his family. Grievously, the white family went to get revenge. They set fire to their house. Mama went to help the family who were in need. Sadly the white people attacked them too because they were helping the other family. Dolorously, Maggie was in the living room and she was burned all over her arms and legs. Mama came home and found Maggie fainted in the room and she quickly called for help. Over months Maggie’s injured healed but she still had scars all over her arms and legs. That’s how Maggie started to feel the most unattractive person in the world and felt so envious towards her sister. She thought that the word « no » is the world will never learn to say to her because she was the prettiest and the whole world only pay attention to her. She hallucinate that her mother loves her sister more because when anyone comes to house they only mention about Dee not Maggie. Their sisterhood was destroyed and spoiled. Mama was disappointed to see her two daughters like that. This is how Maggie thinks by blaming her surroundings would aid her to perceive better condition.