1. Carlos 2 years ago

    This is a topic that is very important in today’s society. I found it most interesting that Australia’s payment system waits for students to have a higher income level. In the U.S., it is expected you start paying immediately. My question is, how do you propose the United States implements these methods of payment? You gave a brief explanation of the system, but not exactly how this system would work in the United States. I actually found an article (https://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/10/upshot/america-can-fix-its-student-loan-crisis-just-ask-australia.html) that delves deeper into the America/Australia student debt comparison. I think if you further elaborate on how this system would work, I would definitely come back to read more.

  2. Chanakya 2 years ago

    Audrey, I think you make some extremely valuable points, but for the student loan situation to improve. America must rebuild it. Or rethink it. We need to look at similar countries with similar systems such as Australia, and learn how to implement that into our system. The way student loans work now is horrible due to students not being able to pay or not wanting to take up a certain loan. Which in the long run is forcing student to forfeit some excellent education at higher end Universities. First tuition prices should be set to a comfortable standard along with available scholarships for everyone, and with proper financial aid. It’s just the small things that can make a difference. If more people/companies decide to help students. The better. It is all about rethink the student loan system.

  3. Abigail 2 years ago

    Audrey, you bring up an important issue in American society today. As I get nearer to my graduation, I am seeing more and more reasons the US college debt crisis must be confronted. I found the way you compared US and Australian student debt to be helpful. It allowed me to see some of the things we need to fix with our system. You might want to look at the article I attached below. It provides some information about how other countries handle student debt. I hope to hear your thoughts in the future. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/10/13/cost-of-college-tuition-around-the-world.html

  4. Miriam 2 years ago

    This discussion really intrigued me. I thought that your research on Australia’s system was amazing. It helped me see a difference in a country that supports education and one the encourages it, but doesn’t support it, like the U.S. I found an article that talks about how U.S. colleges are spending most of their money on unnecessary amenities rather than using their money to help the students. While the student problem lies with the inability to pay off debt, it’s worth a minute to look into why college costs so much. This article might help:

  5. Olivia 2 years ago

    Audrey, this is a particularly engaging topic considering the position myself and many of my friends are in with regards to paying for college. I like the comparison with Australia because it points out the similarities between the two countries and how we can use them as an example. I would be curious to know if you think that there’s potential for their system to fail in the United States, simply because we are different societies. I found this article listed below that describes how the student loan crisis is weighing on our economy. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Great work!

  6. Sera 2 years ago

    This is very interesting Audrey. I’d be interested to know more about where the money students pay in tuition goes.

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