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In the article, “The Opioid Crisis”(Upfront) I learned about the recent high rates in deaths due to overdosing. Studies have shown that deaths have nearly doubled since 2015 and that people tend to die of overdose more compared to car crashes or gun injuries. It is said that the pandemic could be a huge cause of this as this prevents people from getting their treatments or they’re mental health problems have risen. As well as fentanyl being to blame which is a synthetic painkiller. It has been known to be added into drugs or counterfeit pills to make the strength of them even stronger.

I think this is a huge issue that needs to be dealt with. We need to find a safer way to help these people who are in need. Though some of these people may be drug users we must keep them safe even if they are using such as suggested (clean needles), we do not want to lose any more people to overdosing. Another safe way suggested in the article is to check for fentanyl in the drugs or pills to keep people from overdosing.

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March 8, 2022 5:59 am

Dear Vivianne

I am interested in the topic of your article, “The Dangers of Opioid” because I have actually been looking into why or how an addiction is formed. When it comes to opioids it’s a whole different story when compared to alcohol or nicotine. A victim of opioid addiction may experience something known as “chasing the dragon” which is basically the actin where the person will keep upping their dose, or even switch to a stronger drug just to get that same feeling of euphoria and lightlessness they felt the first time. A part of your article that interested me was where you said ” As well as fentanyl being to blame which is a synthetic painkiller. It has been known to be added into drugs or counterfeit pills to make the strength of them even stronger.” I think this is important because when it comes to addicts they will do anything to get their hands of their supply. It doesn’t matter who they buy it from. This is dangerous to the street marker, these people who have fallen victim to addiction aren’t aware of what is going into their bodies. This is the most common reason an overdose could occur, they aren’t aware of what substances they are putting in their body or how much of that substance they are consuming, which could lead to fatal results.
I agree with you that something has to be done to preserve the lives of people who are currently struggling with addiction. Quitting isn’t as easy as it sounds and people will need support in order to reach that goal of being able to pull themselves away from the pill.


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