THE CURE 🙂 by Daniel

January 22, 2021



The giant, poisonous cloud rose into the sky, The rash was spreading, pulsing, hurting.

Test subject A is unaccounted for, The cure had to be somewhere somehow, we finally emerged from the underground bunker.

 The virus  |COVID-19| was spreading fast and around the whole world, over hundreds of thousands of people died in the year 2020.

There is me hopping out the bunker, someone hopped out the bush, I pull out a knife….. 

“It’s ok boy, it’s me, |me: “sigh” oh.. Reed!? 

How are you still here, how didn’t you get the virus… |

REED: i’m always healthy my guy you know I stay healthy| 

Me: Oh well I’m glad you’re ok, 

I’m tryna find the cure for COVID-19 and I know it from the tip of my tongue. I just don’t know where it is.

REED: It should be back in the bunker .|

Me: But It’s not in there I looked inside and out in the no good bunker. |

REED: Well It ain’t disappear. |

Me: I know but I don’t know where to look.|

REED: Well find it ya ugly ahh (just jokes)

Me: I am ya ugly ahh *laughes*

AARON: Yo where the waffles? (insider)

Me: Stop being hungry and help me *laughes*

(just a beginning just off the top)