In the article, “I’m in South Texas Where We Know Biden’s Border Crisis Firsthand” (Flores 2023) I learned that there is an ongoing crisis at the border with Mexico. The Crisis started when the border got weak and migrants started crossing the border. But unfortunately, the government is doing the bare minimum to deal with the ongoing crisis. In El Paso, Texas. The President has visited the city to oversee the current crisis. However, El Paso has better border protection than South Texas. Also, it has been noted that the streets full of migrants were cleared to prevent seeing that Biden’s policies have failed.  In South Texas, where they are mostly being affected by this crisis, they know what is truly going on. Their border is less guarded and the migrants are crossing the unprotected border along the Rio Grande. In one month, 250,000 people have been encountered crossing the border. Despite this, they still claim that the border is “under control”. Since the border has been weakened, the cartels in Mexico are taking advantage of the weak border with their cruel human trafficking operations. If the president ever does get serious about protecting the border, he should tighten (instead of loosening) the eligibility for asylum, end the catch-and-release policy, and reconsider whether to build the wall or not. 

I think what is happening on the border between Mexico and Texas is a huge crisis. I feel that it must be miserable to be facing this crisis on both sides, migrants coming across to escape something going on in Mexico and the citizens having to deal with and try to solve this crisis. 

As I continue to learn about the whole crisis, I would like to know more about why the migrants are going to the United States in large numbers and if there is a solution to stop the crisis.

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