The Covid Economy

Ever since covid first started the United States has relied too heavily on other countries to create our everyday products like masks, clothing, hand sanitizer, and other important products.

For example, Wessel thinks that “There’s been a recognition that if you rely too much on supply chains that are long and go to China, we may find ourselves in a bad place if we need something in a hurry,” In my opinion this is true we are relying on other countries to make products and import them to us.

Yes, it’s true that it might be cheaper for other countries to import products to us but we need to keep our allies for other important times that may come up. Also since the pandemic started the whole world was/is relying too much on zoom now most workers prefer to work from home and send their work to their workers from home. If this goes on there will be huge economic impacts to small businesses like coffee shops and other fast-food restaurants that relied on these people to make a profit.

I believe that we have relied too much on zoom and now the world wants to work from home because it’s easier. But we need them to go to work at the facilities so we can go back to normality. But if this goes on it will be disastrous for many people.

Should we keep working from home or go physically to work after the pandemic?