America has now become the country with most covid-19 cases confirmed.Due to the shortage of medical resources, medical staff have to re-use the existing sanitary clothing, or make temporary supplies themselves, which results in the medical staff not being able to protect themselves well and leading to more serious  infections. At the same time, Americans don’t give the test to all the patients in time, so they don’t know the spread of the virus exactly.. Public health officials are basically acting blindly, not knowing where the next virus outbreak will be. Comprehensive testing means that infected patients can be identified and isolated, thereby reducing the need for statewide asylum orders. Such orders have frozen the US economy and left millions of workers unemployed.

“In late February as coronavirus infections mounted in Wuhan, China, authorities went door-to-door for health checks – forcibly isolating every resident in makeshift hospitals and temporary quarantine shelters, even separating parents from young children who displayed symptoms of COVID-19, no matter how seemingly mild. Caretakers at the city’s ubiquitous large apartment buildings were pressed into service as ad hoc security guards, monitoring the temperatures of all residents, deciding who could come in and implementing inspections of delivered food and medicines.” This is how china deal with the covid-19, it’s extreme but necessary and it works.

But should America do the same thing as china? Not really. Each country has its own special situation. For example, the population in America is more spread than China, which means it will be relatively easier to deal with the virus. But no matter how, the government should take action now. Trump can’t ignore the virus anymore. The only thing that can save the economy is to lock down the city where viruses already break out, and reduce the public activities as much as possible.
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