The impact and importance of communication has been stressed in every situation possible. It is an extremely important factor in the workforce, relationships, and everyday life. When there is no communication, how much possible damage could happen? Is communication really that effective? The lack of communication harbors consequences that can completely alter someone’s daily life. 

About 155.76 million people are employed. Each person has certain responsibilities in their workforce. Communication is one of them. Many businesses do not thrive if they do not have a solid foundation of employees or supervisors reporting to each other. They “believe miscommunication is contributing to their stress, failure to complete projects and loss of sales” (Tishma). It not only affects the business but also the people themselves. Employees feel more unmotivated in their daily jobs. Another factor is many employees feel lost or confused about their part. They should have an understanding which is “when the person you are communicating to is able to make use of your information” (Jolicoeur). Without an understanding of what supervisors are communicating, it can cause frustration between employees and it will have an impact on the business. If there is no flow in a workplace; consequently, it can lead to failure and issues. 

Relationships are essential to many people today. At times there can also be miscommunication which can cause a variety of problems within a relationship. Words can be taken out of context and be understood as “an attack or something done on purpose or out of deceit” (Jolicoeur). Especially today, there can be a lot of misunderstood information with social media or texting. In a text, a person is not using any tone of voice so the message could be taken out of context. It needs to be stressed that in a relationship it is key to be mindful of others and pass on information. 

Lack of communication leads to more issues than can be expected. It sometimes takes a large effort to push through on this value but it can make a positive impact. It is proven again and again that communication is a component that assists workplaces, relationships, and life in general. It makes things run better without any problems. The lack of communication should be continuously fought against, for which it does more harm than good.

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