When thinking about American culture, I think about what Americans do everyday and what they’re accustomed to. Many Americans have jobs and have to attend school. Sadly, that does not answer the question. What is American culture? American culture involves a fast and efficient daily schedule with food on the go, sports, and competition in everyday life. There are so many different components of American culture so here are five. 

 Americans in general like to live ‘big’ and have big goals and dreams for the future. We in society imagine ourselves driving the most expensive cars and living in the most expensive houses. We think of careers we want to pursue and those with the desire, think of having a family to share that passion with.

Next, we love to eat on the run. There are fast food places, EVERYWHERE. All healthy foods are expensive and take longer to prepare, but the drool inducing cheeseburgers and fries are quick, easy to serve, and cheap. We the people can eat fast food in the car, on the bus, and even order it during lunch if you’re a teenager going to highschool. In a study for DoSomething.org, 20% of American foods are eaten in the car.  In the modern world, most people find it inconvenient to sit down and have a formal meal or and have a cup of coffee with a friend. Restaurants that imply you to sit down, order a meal, talk and eat, then leave, now offer and drive through where you can just get food and go, just like that. You can even walk into a restaurant and order food “to go”. This process is made to be convenient and quick for the average consumer/American, even if it’s not healthy or beneficial for you. This can lead to the question if a person is truly independent or not because the reliance on fast food can come to the point where grocery shopping is no longer needed. 

One thing that is similar to eating on the run is eating out, especially before or after local football games, highschool graduations, or any celebration that involves friends and family. It’s fun and very convenient for us. It’s affordable, and everyone can split the bill. Most restaurants are densely populated on Sundays, and eating out allows us to experience different food cultures and experience more of what we like and don’t like. 

One of the biggest things in America is sports. Whether it’s parents watching their children play for their school, or going to a stadium. Just imagine over 10,000 people in the stands on a saturday, eating hotdogs with paint on their faces. Screaming and yelling because their team is falling behind. Going shopping for the right jersey and shoes hours before, then going out to eat to celebrate, or because you’re just hungry with friends and family. Employees watching as their stores begin to fill with people, all wanting discounts. Lines are getting longer and longer, stores all meeting their daily goals, thanks to sports. It’s the perfect Saturday for Americans who love sports.  

We the people thrive on competition. It is in everything. For a few examples there are shoe stores competing against each other, running each other out of business. Two business women working for the same promotion and two pizza places right across the street from each other. American culture consists of many different things, including efficiency, competition, the idea of living luxuriously, and being involved with sports. 

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