“The Boy Who Drew Cats” by Elizabeth P.

May 16, 2018


“The Boy Who Drew Cats”

Introduction To My Animation:
I am posting my scratch animation which is about the story “The Boy Who Drew Cats” by Hasegawa Takejirō. The idea behind this project is identifying major moral decisions in the text and creating an alternate choice or decision. “The Boy Who Drew Cats” is about a boy who must decide whether or not to return to his family after being kicked out of a temple. The boy’s passion save a whole town from a huge threat. But in my alternate ending where he chooses to return home, the threat continues to terrorize the village. The boy is a little boy who has a passion for drawing cats. His father is a stern man who doesn’t tolerate children who can’t help him in life. The boy’s brothers are all excellent farmers who make fun of the boy’s lack of skill. The priest is kind and recognizes the boy’s real skill. The giant goblin-rat is menacing and threatening. I chose this fairy tale because it is about a boy who’s passions and his love for his passion helped save a village. It has a strong moral about not giving up on what you love, which is what I was trying to portray in my alternate ending, when he gives up on his passion.

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