This is my animation of a remixed version of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. I chose this fairytale because it was pretty well known and it would be interesting to create a different ending in that story.In this animation, you will be able to choose what the boy does when he has no company. There are two choices to end this story. They are to create traps for the wolf or just the original ending where he calls wolf multiple times and gets his sheep eaten. In both versions, the boy starts out with no company and nothing to do. He decides to call “wolf” once and gets the townspeople up to the hill. The townspeople aren’t happy. After they leave, the boy is left with no choice but to either call wolf again or go and make some traps for the wolf to cure his “boredness.


Link To Animation Script


Making this project was a time consuming journey. First, we had to find a fairytale to remix. For me, this did not take long because I already knew what story I was going to pick. Then we had to make a script for both the beginning and the two different endings. We then moved this script into a storyboard form to see how the story would look like in picture form. After editing the storyboard, I changed the script a bit and started to animate. I imported and finished Act1 in only 2 days which was way above my expectation. I then finished Act 2a in a day and Act 2b on the other day. After I finished my animation and added credits to Storyboardthat, I found that the replay mechanism didn’t work. I altered the “code” a little and in a few minutes I fixed that problem. Finally, I shared my Scratch project and wrote this post.

Here are my storyboards:

Act 1                                                              Act 2





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