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Original Script: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nD40W_z33adwxX3gIlBVtlfgu9VW-a0-2A8Eqeuy15c/edit?usp=sharing

Took about 2 days to do. Sorry it’s too short.

Here are some storyboards to show how much work i did.

Act 1

Kid: Bye Mommy. Why won’t you come to school with me?

Mom: You know why, I have special guests coming today.

Kid: Why don’t they come to school with me?

Mom: You know that they are adults and not kindergarteners.

Kid: Ok

Mom: Bye, I see you tonite

(Kid leaves house)

(Walks a couple miles to school.)

(Wolf stalks lonely child)

(Kid sees Wolf)

(He starts running)

(Wolf starts running after him)

Kid: Help me!!!

Wolf: Ha ha, You will be a delicious dinner.

Kid: Mommy!!!

(Sits down and cries)

Wolf: I’ll put you out of your misery

(Wolf smirks)

Kid: *sniffles* Can you play song that i can dance to?

(Close up of puppy dog eyes)

Act 2A: Original Ending

Wolf: Fine.

(Wolf takes out his recorder)

(Plays Let it Go)

(Kid starts dancing)

Kid: Let’s get groovy!

(Kindergarten teacher comes running out of the school which is literally 20 feet away.)

Kindergarten teacher: What is this noise?

Wolf: It’s Let it Go

Kindergarten teacher: (Finally sees whats going on)Ok. Let me call my other students. Buddy, Buster, Something Wong, and Smelly, come out.

Wolf:(Thinks) Oh boy, more food!

Dogs: Can we listen too?

Dogs: Can we listen in multi-language?

(3 dogs appear and chase Wolf)

Wolf: Noo, I thought I played Let it Go really well!

Act 2B: Alternate Ending

Wolf: I know that trick. Your school is right there. (Points to a building 20 ft away.)

Kid: Pretty please.

(Close up of puppy dog eyes)

Wolf: NO!

Wolf: This will be delicious.

(Screen turns black)

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