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Reflection on Border Crisis: CBP’s Response

The Central idea of the source that I was looking at was “ issues of security have a lot of issues that need to be looked at and solved.” My thoughts on this issue are that it does need to be solved because the United States can not take care of people from different countries and provide them with a lot of shelter and materials. My perspective is that I do see that this can be an issue for everyone in the United States because if people were to come illegally and undocumented people do not know who is coming in someone dangerous could come and do something bad to a different person. If that person were to be caught no one would know who it would be because they are undocumented and have no information to know who he is. This information helps me answer one of my research questions “ What does the U.S do when they have immigrants in custody”(Davis 2022)

Some questions I have is “Why does the U.S provide this much material for the immigrants in custody” Another is “What are the ways the issue is being solved”

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October 17, 2023 4:00 am

Dear Christian,

your post made me think that the border crisis is a big thing now what is everything going on right now. As you said the United States can not care about the people from different countries because of what they are to but that is on them not the United States. As you continue to research, I hope you discover the question you have about immigrants in custody.

sincerely ,
Alex E

October 16, 2023 4:12 pm

Dear Christian,

Your post made me think about what measures are being taken to ensure if an undocumented person coming into the U.S. can be trusted. I think that not everyone should be seen as a harmful cause because that’s not what everyone’s intention is when immigrating. As you continue to research, I hope you discover what immigration laws are already in the U.S. and how other countries handle immigration.


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