The purpose of this project was to help improve the contentions that lie within the MTA that affect people in NYC often. As a student that lives in NYC, using the MTA’s transportation system is a basic necessity to arrive at school and accomplish any goals that one may aspire. As the project began in early February, our website has received great viewership and could have inspired change. We accumulated a total of almost 2,000 views and included 35 people to sign our online petitions regarding the services of the MTA. Statistically, our site was noticed and is successful in that regard. As a group, we addressed many issues and offered solutions that may positively impact the MTA. However, the MTA still has a long time in which services are flawless and tailored for the everyday liking of people.

Our project was successful because we obtained a great amount of viewership and could be a factor for change. For example, my first post received a total of 47 views as it was the cover post for our site. The post may have earned the attention of many individuals checking the site and resulted in the progress of 2,000 total views. Our site to a certain degree has the ability to formulate change.

In addition, our online petition earned 35 people to sign and believe in our cause. The number of people that signed our petition helped our cause grow greatly. More investment in this topic may formulate more change for the MTA. As a group, if we work harder we can truly improve the services of the MTA. In that regard, our site succeeded among any and all expectations of what we can do with a collective effort.

In total, our site has accumulated a total of 2,000 views and received 35 people to sign our online petition. This is a successful project because the progress exceeded any of our group members’ expectations. If we continue our initiative, we can gradually formulate change in the MTA.

Ways that we could have improved our project if we were to repeat it is our involvement in social media promoting our site. For example, active social media platforms can help grab attention for the project. The platform in which I decided to promote our site is not as popular as alternative platforms. In addition, the site needs to be advertised periodically as opposed to a few times throughout the month.

The continuation of this project is gradually coming to an end and it was an eye opening experience from our data. Even without the BetterMTA group, we should continue to make the services better around us regardless of who is apart because it makes our lives easier in the long term. This was a great experience as a group and hope to see everyone once more.

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