The Benefits of Learning a Language by Sage

November 15, 2017


The Benefits of Learning a Language

I’m planning on writing a paper on the benefits of learning a new language. This topic is relevant to me because languages have influenced me throughout my entire life. I was introduced to languages right away. My mom is a French teacher so she spoke to my brother and I in French when we were little. Immediately, I discovered a passion for learning new languages. I started taking French as soon as I could, which was seventh grade. Then, freshmen year I decided to take Spanish as well. So I chose to test out of Spanish 1 over the summer and enroll in Spanish 2 my junior year. At first, taking both languages at the same time was difficult, but overtime it became much easier and a lot of fun. In addition to the enjoyment of learning a language it is extremely beneficial. From challenging your brain to improving your native language there are several reasons why learning another language is important. Throughout my research I want to discover all of the advantages of being bilingual. I also hope that I spread awareness and encourage people to begin to learn another language.

What do you think about the benefits of learning a new language? Do you enjoy learning languages? Do you think we should be required to take two years of a language in order to graduate? Please add any other thoughts you have.