Hello, my name is Jose Rendon and I’m a young kid like all that are reading this. Things that are important for others to know are not much because I’m just a normal kid that just likes to go and explore and enjoy my life while I can, because before you know it you’re at work 24/7, not because you’re forced to…. well, in a sense you might be, but because you have to pay bills and rent and other necessities that you need at your home. I was born on August 3 of 2001 and on that day when I was being born my mother told me that if it wasn’t for the doctor I would have been dead. I was told that I had swallowed meconium inside the womb and that liquid would have made me drown and I couldn’t even tell this story or even be standing in the room that I am with other classmates. For some time my family has moved to many places like Long Island, Maryland, and Connecticut but finally stayed in the Bronx and have been here for 11 years and have been living well in our neighborhood.

When I’m in school the things that I like to do are chill with my friends and after school I go and hang out with my dad at his job and stay there with him while I do my homework and have the rest of the day to myself and pretty much don’t do much besides go out and walk my dogs and play video games with my old childhood friends and besides all of that I consider myself not good at much stuff because I just don’t have that sense of feeling of going beyond the things that I do.

I am scared that I will be a failure in life. I wouldn’t say that I am scared that I will end up as a failure for my future/life but the necessity for having a education will improve the way I will be as a grown man that will have even bigger responsibilities such as paying bills and all that other heavy loads that put you down and make you have to work even harder than what you normally do and not have time for your family. This usually happens to families where some kids grow up without the guidance of their parents and the kids end up either spoiled or just don’t care about their environment in a sense that they are not concerned of other people’s feelings.

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