Recently, I read The Art Of Letting Go by Rania Naim.  I appreciated this book. I came across parts where it gets positive, but then it gets sad because I feel like I’ve been in this situation and there are good times and bad times.

On page 51 there is a sad statement: “This is me knowing that I have to let you go. That no matter how much I love you or how hard we work at this or how badly we both want each other to be happy, we are never going to be the right partners for each other. This is my acceptance that the best things are never straightforward and that I want you to take whatever crooked, twisted path you need to take if it will lead you towards your dreams. This is me knowing that I have to do what’s right. That sometimes the best thing you can do for someone you love is to let them go – to do more, feel more, be more than the person they ever could ever have become by your side. So this is me unclasping my fingers.This is my parting, my reluctance, my heartache and my final gift to you.This is me letting you go.” I can tell in this statement that one of another they were not meant to be together because they always has ups and downs so both of their vibe did not match because having  a relationship is a responsible and  communication is important and understanding because if you don’t have that then what the point of having one which mens probably  it’s not the time to have one and you need to focus on yourself. I recommend thinking twice before taking action because you don’t wanna get hurt and go through that pain.

Naim remarks in the middle of the book that, “Life is the longest thing we’ll ever do, but it also goes by quickly” This is significant because in my opinion it’s important to not go with people that bring negative thoughts. I would go where doors are open and where good luck comes into place.

Naim’s words in describing her decision-making process ring true for me.  She writes, “I think it hit me then. I liked you and I wanted to like you with all my heart because it was easy and it was fun. But I couldn’t. I don’t think I’m ready to make the sacrifice to be in a relationship just yet and maybe he wasn’t either because whatever happened that night, or maybe that morning, we both felt the end was here and we both seemed okay with it.” She is saying that she did not want to go through the pain and arguments so in that case she needed time. I can relate to this, since I’ve been through pain and stressful times like overthinking.

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