I can make a connection with what was said about how it was believed during slavery, and still after that that black women do not feel pain. I say this because both my mom and my aunt have complained about a doctor not listening to them when they express their pain about something. Back in 2019, I both broke and dislocated my elbow. To be specific, I broke off part of my humorous bone. I was sent to Einstein hospital where I waited about 3 hours to get my arm fixed. I had mostly male (white) doctors who took care of me. Back then I could not swallow large pills because, I mean, I was 13, and had no severe health problems at the moment where I had to take pills. Since I couldn’t swallow pills, I was told there was nothing else they could give me to help with the pain. Another time I can think of being treated this way was when I was developing a heart problem around the age of 12. I had problems on and off for about 7 months until my mom took me to the doctor. I ended up having  Atrial Ectopic Tachycardia (AET), which basically means that there was a small spot on my heart that can trigger tachycardia at any time. It got so bad that I was left with no energy and would have to sit out in dance class at times. The doctor ( a man) at first told me it was because of the fact that I’m a dancer, and because of my anxiety. Finally, when my mom convinced them to run tests ( EKGS, UltraSounds on my heart), they found that it was so bad that even when I was SLEEP that my heart rate would go up to the 190s. That’s quite literally deadly, but still, there were excuses made as to why my heart may be doing that. It took about a month of emergency visits and calls for them to put me on medication. That could have been solved a lot faster if they had just listened to what I was saying.

Some ways to disrupt these tactics is to first and foremost educate ourselves on how these ideologies came about. Then, I think that getting these jobs that are in power as a black woman ( or man) could change the system in tremendous ways, especially if we stick together. Ms. Bentum told us that she looks for black doctors (women preferably)and that it is very hard to. A lot would change if there were more people of color who were doctors and other things that would contribute back to our community. Personally, I think that having more people of color in these jobs would change the system completely because we will be able to help stop discrimination and racism, especially in the healthcare system. In this day and age, interracial relationships are becoming more and more common ( specifically whites and blacks) , and are having interracial babies. Interracial marriages became legal in some states, but some are still fighting for that right. Some states that were thriving with slavery, like Virginia, have it legalized. The thing is, is that a lot of people who live there are still against it, even some pastors, so it is still very hard to marry someone of a different race. After hearing about how people were paired together and forced to breed, it broke my heart. The lady said that the reason the number of enslaved people rose was because of the rape of black women. This is extremely upsetting and hard to think about because I can’t imagine how hard it was for them. After watching episode 5, I was tearing up. It makes me feel angry seeing things like this, especially since It wasn’t even on the news (not that I know of). This goes to show that at this point the police brutality and racism has gotten so out of hand, and they don’t even care. To pull up at someone’s apartment, without a warrant, and stand there for 8 hours with 30+ cops to wait for the man to come out is absurd. They don’t even do that for actual criminals! I can only imagine what could have been happening in the city while all the attention was on something non-existent.

In the episodes we have watched, the author/speakers have use their tone, form and language to communicate a point of view by one, providing pictures/videos while they speak about their personal experiences. They also have provided music for certain parts to keep the viewer’s attention and emotion.

‘The 1619 Project’ is the story of America, says Nikole Hannah-Jones
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