Thanksgiving Tradition by Neftaly

November 30, 2021


Thanksgiving Tradition

In the article “Thanksgiving Turkey and Traditions” I learned that Thanksgiving is a holiday that us Americans celebrate. Benjamin Franklin proposed the turkey as the United States’ national bird, instead of the bald eagle. They wanted the turkey to be the country’s bird instead of the bald eagle because it had bad character. They believed that the turkey was more of a respectful bird and more connected to the true original native of America. Thanksgiving was taken by the most earliest American leaders.

I think that the turkey would have been a good representation for this country. But then at the same time other countries wouldn’t take America seriously because the turkey isn’t a very serious bird. If the turkey was the nations bird we wouldn’t be allowed to eat it. Since it’s illegal to kill a bald eagle it probably would’ve been the same with the turkey and we wouldn’t be able to enjoy it on thanksgiving.

What do you think? Should the turkey have been America’s national bird?