Tensions Rising between Russia and Ukraine by Rene

February 12, 2022


Tensions Rising between Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine has tried establishing alliances with Western nations. Russia on the other hand has tried to maintain a relationship with Ukraine. In 2014, Russian forces occupied Dubas, a southeastern Ukrainian region that borders Russia. Ukraine’s independent government has resisted Russian annexations. With this being known, there has been a rise in the death of civilians resulting from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In 2021, Russia has sent 100,000 troops to the Russian-Ukraine border.

Russian tanks and guns have set their training ground 186 miles close to the border, it says in the text that they can invade Ukraine in the next few months. But according to Ukrainian President “Volodymyr Zelensky,” there was a plot to overthrow his government. Russia says they have done anything but wrong. The tensions rose because NATO gave weapons to Ukraine which threatens Russia’s security. Ukraine has built up its own military in a show of aggression against Russia. President Biden warned Russia if they invade Ukraine, the White House is prepared to retaliate with harsh economic consequences.

What do you think Biden should do?

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