Teens graduating and culture by Saray

January 19, 2022


Teens graduating and culture

In the article, “Wearing Native American Cultural Regalia at Graduation” (people and culture) I learned how students at graduation ceremonies should get to wear whatever they like even if their outfit comes with something cultural from where they are from. This is because many families like to mark the occasion by wearing items to celebrate their cultural heritage. This is a great way for students to feel comfortable wearing what they’d like on the day of their graduation. Students might even get creative to decorate their cap or wear a certain outfit. But to qualify a student should be an enrolled citizen of a tribe or nation. 

I do not think districts should make a big deal out of this. Indigenous families or native American communities shouldn’t have to deal with such things. I am sure giving students the ability to represent their culture will not be harmful. As seniors graduating they are mature enough to know what is allowed. 

Should districts have a saying on what can be worn at graduation ceremonies?