The overall goal of this project was to call attention to the issues in the MTA. Since we began working on our project, we have not gotten any attention from Cuomo as we wished. We also did not reach 100 signers on our petition. Though we did not achieve exactly what we set out to achieve, I believe that both my and those around me’s learning has been expanded greatly. Both my partners and I are now aware of the issues in the MTA as well. We learned how to manage social media accounts, and got our message out there, which in my opinion is a triumph nonetheless. Realistically however, we did not achieve what we set out to achieve so this should be considered unsuccessful.

The goal of our petition was to gain 100 signers on our petition, which we did not do. When you visit the site of our petition, we have 14/100 followers. Our goal audience was not achieved. Our petition was meant to be a way to achieve our goals, and by not promoting it, we hindered our ability to do our best. It was only promoted explicatly on instagram 2 times, with the link in the bio. On our blog it was promoted 3 or 4 times by me explicitly. Again, with the number of times we promoted our petition, the signer count in understandable. We did not achieve this, thus we were unsuccessful.

Another goal of this project was to bring attention to our topic, specifically to draw the attention of Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York since 2011. Cuomo’s attention would have been the attention that could change the MTA. Though since the initiation of this project we have retained followers and views, we have not retained the one which truly matters. This would lead to me to say that this was unsuccessful because we did not make true change in the MTA. Since I expected to make a change I was gravely disappointed.

We did not achieve our goal number of signers and did not reach Andrew Cuomo. I did however learn a lot. I learned how to run a social media account, how to manage and write on a blog. I learned how to make memes, create content that pulled in an audience, and finally how to promote. These are skills that will continue to help me to make a change in the MTA and the world. Next time I could promote my posts more, and address different audiences. I could use a more common hashtag as well. Though this project was unsuccessful, I would deem this a step in the right direction. A step for teens in the MTA.

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