Teds secret to great speaking, Good and bad presentations by Kenyon

May 2, 2017


Teds secret to great speaking, Good and bad presentations

The names of the videos I were watching was “Ted’s secret to great public speaking” and “ Good and bad examples of



Anderson wanted the viewers to understand the requirements of being a great speaker. Here are some examples:Ideas you need to be transferred from speaker to listener, Limit your talk to just one major idea, Give your listeners a reason to care.


From the video I understand that there are just certain things that you don’t do while presenting in front of a audience. Also there are key things that you have to do to get the audience on your side. For example: When you are presenting you do not have your back faced to the audience while presenting, When you are presenting make sure you are making eye contact to the audience.


This though does not make me feel any type of way of because I have did many presentations before in my life. It just give me the thought of what I need to do better while i’m presenting .


My experiences that I have had with oral presentations in the past was that I need to not what to the last minute and  do it and take my time on it. I also I have got feedback in the past on it saying I need to keep my eyes on the audience and project my voice louder.