My name is Luis Beltran and I’m a tenth grader at Oakland Unity High School. In my English class, we’ve been reading about robotics and artificial intelligence and the dangers they might pose to humans. I think that these technologies will make the world better and worse.

Technology has many advantages to it like faster manufacturing of products(automation) and solving problems quickly. Technology has the ability to overall makes things effortless and faster, making everyone’s lives easier. It opens up new possibilities and jobs with the advancement of machinery. Jobs people did before can now be done by machines too. With machines being integrated more and more into everyday life at work places, it can cause issues.  

In an article called ” Better than Human: Why Robots Will-And Must-Take Our Jobs” by Kevin Kelly, states that what he called a ‘speedy bot’ will be able to lift 150 pounds unlike a normal person. Machines do in fact make life easier, but they can make some jobs completely obsolete of humans. There is information online that states that they have created robots that can assist in surgical operations. There has also been recent news involvement of AI programming being used in cars like the Tesla own by Elon Musk. The car can use autopilot giving it the capability of driving by itself. Unfortunately, even with the latest AI programming in the car, it still can’t prevent disasters. It has been reported that autopilot mode has caused some cars to crash. Technology will always have its pros and occasionally some cons. The next example of technology would be phones, we used them in our everyday lives. They have made it easier and faster so that we can communicate with other people. A downside phones have are the probability of it being bugged out due to it poor programming. I could go on giving the many examples of what technology can offer and it’s issue but there is bigger issues people care about.

There have been many article saying that robots can and will, take over humanity. People are worried that we are too dependent on machines. In a movie I watch called ‘I, Robot’, the main character is portrayed as a robot hater. He believes that robots are evil and emotionless. Throughout the movie we get to see that his suspicions of corrupted robots may exist. He eventually meets the robot called Sonny who was created by late Alfred Lanning, founder of U.S Robotics. As the movie progresses, we get to see that the robot Sonny is unique and not so bad as we thought he was. He was built so that he could assist our main character, Detective Del Spooner, in finding out who really was the main villain, VIKI. The corrupted AI who broke all three laws, planned to overthrow humanity all in order to save it from it self. In the end, they stop the AI from accomplishing their plan and our main characters take a while to reflect what just happened. I think what we had to learn from the movie is that not all robots are bad, just some, only because of how we program them and how they interpret things.

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