In the article, “YOU DECIDE: Cars That Stop Drunk Driving,” (btw, Admin, 2021) I learned that the Biden administration passed an infrastructure package in November of 2021 that had one specific troubling demand: U.S. automakers are required to find a way to stop drunk driving. This has led to the development of different monitoring systems: from having to blow into a breathalyzer before you can start your car to infrared cameras that are programmed to detect swerving and drowsiness in a driver and automatically slow down and turn off to the side of the road.

Personally, I believe the solution to stopping drunk driving is to attack the problem at its core. Adding all this technology to cars is not the solution; it will raise the price of vehicles and it is a waste of time when it is almost certain people will find a way around such measures. To install and spread this tech across the country will also be quite difficult. Yes, drunk drivers are a very serious problem, but this isn’t the way to deal with the issue. A much more effective way to crack down on drunk driving is to increase the severity of punishments for driving under the influence. This will be more effective because it will discourage people to drive drunk. The punishment for a DUI is already quite significant, but a harsher punishment will scare people and have them think twice before getting behind the wheel while under the influence. This of course is not to say that putting technology in cars is useless; when better tech is developed, then we can start adding measures to cars themselves.

How do you feel about this? Should we let tech keep our streets safe or should we increase punishments for driving under the influence?

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